Fish Game (PC)

Become fish with friends!

Swim around -
Fish Game uses it's own unique hand based locomotion to make the fishy experience on top.

Play mini games -
There are a few different mini games to play on the different maps, a few honourable mentions are the two originals Swords and Boats.
In Swords you have 3 lives, you must hit the other fish until you're the last one standing.
In Boats angry fishermen are trying to catch you with their evil fishing net!

Chat with friends -
Join public rooms and chat with new fish, maybe you'll even find a new friend!
If you aren't in the mood to talk with new fish, you can always make a private room and send the code to your friends.

There's a lot more to do -
You can play the Sandbox mode where you can make your own creations.
You can customise yourself by changing your name, colour and maybe even put on a nice hat to finish off your look.




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Junio 9, 2023

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