Maze of Magic (Quest) (APP LAB)

Maze of Magic
Maze of Magic
Maze of Magic
Maze of Magic Maze of Magic Maze of Magic
You find yourself in a treacherous 3D maze, filled with lurking enemies around every corner. Your goal is to locate keys scattered throughout the maze to unlock the elusive exit. Be strategic in your approach as you utilize a variety of powerful spells, such as Magic Missile for offense, Magic Shield for defense, or X-Ray Vision to see through walls. But be mindful, as each spell comes with its own costs and effects.

As you navigate the maze, keep an eye on your health and collect regenerative potions to stay alive. Monitor your progress with metrics that track enemies defeated, keys found, and spells learned. But time is of the essence, so be swift and decisive in your actions. Can you triumph over the maze's challenges and make your escape? The fate of your survival rests in your hands. Good luck on this thrilling journey!