VRMultigames (PC)

Play several diferent minigames designed for VR. This collection of minigames is designed specifically for VR from the start, and provides original games and experiments for people to try.The 3 Starting Minigames Are
Drone Fight
A lightsword game with drones, inspired by both lightblade VR and space pirate trainer. You can deflect or destroy enemy projectiles mid air, and return fire with your pistol.
Last Stand This time, the only thing you have is your bow, use it to survive as much time as possible, as enemies will come to you, if anyone gets near, you lose.
Goalkeeper Simulator A goofy minigame where you are a goalkeeper and defend the goal with huge telescopic hands. There are machines that will launch balls to the goal, you lose when you let too many pass.
More minigames will be added over time, and player feedback will allways be heard for the new minigames. The new minigames will be free too.

Remember to have fun with it, and be careful, try not to punch a wall or a TV.

It works native for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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Mad Triangles


Mad Triangles


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