Glider Island (PC)

Welcome to Glider Island! Your objective is to collect all the hoops placed on each of the 3 islands within 10 minutes! Use your rocket booster to gain speed and keep from falling from the sky. You can add rocket booster by collecting the blue spirals placed around each map. You have limited booster so be careful with how much you use and when you choose to collect the blue spirals.

There are 3 maps and each map comes with unique scenery, soundtrack and surprise event. You much complete each map sequentially to unlock the next map. The first map is Forest Island with 150 hoops and every two minutes a thunderstorm occurs and you must fight the wind. The second map is Volcano Island with 175 hoops and every two minutes a Volcano Eruption occurs and you must dodge lava bombs! The Last Island is Desert Island with 200 hoops and every two minutes a Dust Storm occurs and you must fly with limited visibility and wind.

Plot your course carefully to try and collect all the hoops in the fastest time possible. You will earn Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on how fast you complete each level.

Glider Island is designed for Virtual Reality but can be played perfectly fine without it too! Just grab your controller and go. There are also 3 ways you can choose to control the glider:

Vive Hand Controllers: Use your hands to grab the glider and control the glider through your outstretched hands.
VR Head Movement: - Move your head up, down, left and right to control the glider, this way is a little easier and causes less motion sickness.
Xbox controller: - Use the Xbox controller to steer the glider while looking around with your head. You are also able to fly without any virtual reality if you prefer. Just start the game in none VR mode and enjoy flying with just an Xbox controller!
BONUS*:Those who own Glider Island have special access to 5DRealities Glider Sim Prototype. This is a much more simulated hang glider experience that is a work in progress. You can learn more here:


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