MalovMetaArt Metaverse (PC)

MalovMetaArt is a metaverse of world art, a digital museum that allows you to view the digital twins of world masterpieces that are identical to their physical counterparts.

The key distinction among MalovMetaArt and similar projects is the 100% accurate replication of artworks. Using photogrammetry and laser scanning techniques, we have created a way to create precise digital twins of the masterpieces of world art you see in the app. You can even touch, zoom and examine the artworks from all sides. In virtual space, you can hold an item (which is not allowed in a real museum) or get up close to unique paintings, so close that they can see the texture of each touch of the genius’s brush.

Non-traditional exhibition galleries are another feature of MalovMetaArt. Here you may admire glass artworks exhibited under the starry sky of faraway planets, as well as masterpieces of painting in a subway hall of mid-20th century.

Many of us don't frequently visit regular museums. So, give a go to a virtual one. You'll like it. Furthermore, MalovMetaArt Metaverse is better and more convenient than a traditional museum in many aspects.


Malov Meta Art


Malov Meta Art



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