Dice Roller (PC)

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Throwing dice and getting high scores. Neither luck nor wit is dispensable on the table.
Don't be shy at a party of such fun and revelry! Go invite your pals over and order a Vodka martini, shaken, not stirred. Then, drink it up! And what goes better with a drinking party than a couple of rounds of dice games with your friends? The collision sound of bouncing dice is just the reviver for your drink-blunted mind.

Set up the scoring rules and team up to defeat your opponents. May the best prevail!

New Updates:
- Online mode:Playing with a stranger or playing with a friend
- Avatar and Voice Chat

- An immersing party atmosphere.
- Simple rules & Easy to play
- Real-time voice chat allows you to analyze opponents' strategy
- You may hold up the scorecard at any time to check players' score

We will continue to iterate and update our game and develop new features integrated with Quest2.




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