Watching Grass Grow In VR - The Game (PC)

A thoughtful and inspired VR game about watching grass grow during the end of the world.
Rain death and destruction upon your foes with your rocket launcher as you fight to the very end to have the most glorious grass in the world.
In this immersive, ground-breaking and totally, seriously realistic game, you will feel the intensity of watching grass grow as you are viciously attacked and your lawn savaged, all while the threat of planetary annihilation looms over your head.
Do you have what it takes to grow the very best lawn, like no one ever grew?

The world's most advanced watching grass grow simulator, in virtual reality, is now here.
The VR game of your dreams has arrived.

"We're going to look back and point to garbage like this when we try to figure out why vr flopped"
- depressedredditor111

"This game has been the best game that I have played in VR so far. At least, the most intense. Very, very intense."
- TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM


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