Revomon VR (Quest) (APP LAB)

Grab your slingshot and enter into this monster metaverse to collect them all !

The Revomon world is known for its mystery; a place where riddles are not yet solved. Here, players will assume the role of a Revomon Tamer and learn how their real-life gestures will let them interact with the virtual world we have created.

Revomon crashed to Earth long before the evolution of humanity into the planet’s dominant force. As time passed however, these creatures were forced to adapt to the presence of humanity.

As this change occurred, Revomon Tamers managed to bring great benefits to the human race by harnessing the incredible power of the monsters. Many mysteries still remain around the magical capabilities of the Revomon, as it seems that Tamers have only just begun to understand their true power.
Three factions exist;
- The scientists
- The secret society
- The anarchists

You're potentially the future league champion. It's time to show you!


Revomon DMCC