Undead Quest Demo (Quest) (APP LAB)

Undead Quest is a fun single player arcade game where with help of a bat, ball and a few spells, you’ll fight against hordes of funny undead creatures. Hit the ball, cast spells, and move from one beautiful location to another to learn the secret of the undead.

You play as a student on a magical university cricket team in a fantasy world. After your team's victory in the tournament semi-finals and a rowdy night of celebration, you wake up in the forest. Barely having opened your eyes, you see a crowd of the undead heading straight for you. A crazy situation even for a fantasy world, frankly.

Can you beat the challenges to find out why the undead are here and how to get rid of them? Prepare your hands, feet, and mind - Undead Quest is waiting for you.

What does the demo version of the game include:
- 7 first levels of the game with great graphics,
- 7 enemy characters with their own funny traits,
- 2 magic spells that will help you in the battles,
- several cut-scenes revealing the general plot of the game,

Download, play and share your feedback with us to make one of the best arcade game in VR.


Theia Games Corporation