Unbreakable Vr Runner (PC)

Greetings from Finland!
I'm working on a fun and a great cardio workout game for HTC Vive.
My game is called Unbreakable Vr Runner. It is a coin catcher game in which the player collects coins and others objects and dodges obstacles. If a controller hits a wall or obstacle they will lose their function for 5 seconds and the player is unable to collect coins. The player however loses if the headset hits an obstacle. Some of the objects have different properties. For example with a shield the player can momentarily through walls without game over.
The game works wonderfully in Vr environment without motion sickness, thanks to room-scale gameplay. I have also coded own alarmsystem in addition to the chaperone.

Game have now 3 different levels and all levels have 3 difficult levels. First level is fun and most sporty level, second is Halloween theme with new features and third level is hurdles where you can control your own speed.

Level 2 will be considerably different with greater variety in levels.
I'm hoping players to give me feedback about bugs and ideas for developing the game.
In the future I will be updating the game, on a as short a notice as I possibly can.

My father is the test man and has greatly improved his physical condition with the game.

We urge you to use caution when playing the game as we ourselves have had some minor accidents during gameplay.


Miikka Åsnabrygg