Dream Tango Ascension (Quest) (APP LAB)

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Tired of all the conventional first person shooters?
Embark on a cosmic adventure in this Celestial Wave Shooter!

The Primordial Gods have hidden away the Powerful Items of Creation at the pinnacle of the Cosmos: the Astral Sanctum.
And you, a young spirit traveller, with a vague memory of who you are, find yourself on the path to get there.
Dream Tango: Ascension is a story driven fast-paced VR wave shooter with melee combat mechanics, set as the prequel to Dream Tango.
Fight your way through the game’s arenas and defeat waves of Hecate-Astraea’s minions. Raise your level by gaining XP, and beat the Celestial Leaderboard by proving your fighting skills.
Discover secrets and hidden clues that will reveal your lost origin and purpose. And finally ascend to the Higher Sanctum of the Dream Dimension and face off against a being of cosmic proportions in what is probably one of the most epic final boss battles yet made in VR!


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