VR Toolbox (PC)

Features Virtual desktop with improved legibility (incl. laptop support).
Create massive screens and customize to your taste.
Add multiple web screens (e.g. Twitch, Facebook, Skype, etc).
One click YouTube360 in 4K.
2D, 3D and 360 video support.
Boost multi-tasking and readability with Focus Mode (CTRL+SHIFT+F).
See your hands, keyboard and drink while in VR with Blended Reality. (Vive only)
Decorate your VR space with numerous built-in props, rooms, and personal images.
**Note that VR Toolbox requires Windows 8.1 or 10 for desktop capture and does not work with Windows 7.**ConfigurationPlease follow the guide: https://www.vr-toolbox.com/guide#vive to setup Steam / SteamVR.

Watching Youtube 360 in 4k and Twitch requires opening them on a web screen and 64-bit VLC to be installed on the system. Get it here.Issues
We try to thoroughly test, but an issue might go undetected. If you have a problem with VR Toolbox, please post in the discussion forums and I'll help / address it. You can subscribe to the beta branch to get the latest and greatest features and give your feedback in the forum as well. Thanks.


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Steam Oculus

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