Directionless (PC)

Warning: Directionless can cause motion sickness. Caution is recommended.
(Absolutely zero jump scares)
Directionless is an experimental Virtual Reality horror game. It tries out a variety of ways of using Virtual Reality to unnerve and disorient the player, with carefully crafted audio working with an interactive environment to pull you into a nightmarish world where you can't trust anything.

You'll begin in a harmless room, but after falling asleep and waking up at midnight, things that looked harmless before may seem a little bit more menacing, and soon enough the unsettling occurrences begin. But the environment isn't the only threat: your own mind is liable to work against you. Directionless, in its core, is a collected effort to temporarily destroy your grip on reality.

While it is a short experience, replay value in Directionless comes from sharing it with friends. For those with little experience in VR, Directionless can blow their minds. Just make sure you're there to catch them if they fall over!




Zach Tsiakalis-Brown