BattleGroupVR (Quest) (APP LAB)

BattleGroupVR is a first-person real-time space strategy where you lead a fleet into battle from the bridge of your own flagship. As the battle group commander, you are part of the battle fighting alongside your chosen captains and warships.

Unlock different types of ships, each with their own unique special abilities, load-outs, and configurations. From fast striking corvettes, electronic warfare science vessels, dangerous carriers, and powerful battleships. All are at your command.

Units and ships grow with you on your conquests, losing them is a heavy burden. Select your captains wisely, each individual captain will bring a benefit ability to your fleet, which paired with the right ship, can turn the tide of battle.

Direct your forces against the enemy! Made specifically for VR, unique real-time strategy controls have been created to facilitate the command of a 3D space combat environment.


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SpaceOwl Games



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