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Project Impulse
Project Impulse
Project Impulse
Project Impulse Project Impulse Project Impulse
VIRTUAL REALITY MOVEMENT SHOOTER Project Impulse is a fast paced VR movement shooter where you can climb, push and vault over everything! Combining the fun of traditional boots on the ground shooters with an innovative climbing locomotion system.ADVANCED MOVEMENT TECHNICES Project Impulse was built from the ground up to reward players who master the movement. We encourage players to gain momentum and preserve it though techniques such as bunny hoping, sliding and surfing slanted slopes.PHYSICS BASED INTERACTIONS Everything you do in Project Impulse is based on physics! When your hands hit a wall the wall pushes back. When you shoot a gun it recoils. By having a completely physics based game we can provide a more immersive and interactive experience.MULTIPLAYER In Project Impulse you're able to join friends server or others using our server console. We provide a cross platform experience connecting players on various platforms such as steam and oculus. We currently feature 3 game modes Team Death Match, Elimination and Free For All. With many more to come in the future.


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