ZOSU Ocean Demo (Quest) (APP LAB)

Free Demo of "ZOSU Ocean"
- 5 ocean levels to explore (compare to 30 in full game) & 2 lobbies
- Over 100 sea animals to save, the majority are randomly spawned
- 10 min timed scoring in demo (60 in full)
- This is a relaxing game where you are ZOSU the explorer and you are collecting sea creatures to save them from extinction and to score points

- Builtin right hand jetpack for movement. Jetpack body movement is set to the direction of your hand.
- Additional classic movements
- Score points by collecting fish and finding randomly spawned treasure.

- Timed scoring mode, 2 minutes per level with over 10 minutes of gameplay in the demo (compare to 60 min in full game)
- Freeplay mode, no timer and no scoring
- This is intended to be a relaxing game and there is no way to take damage or die
- Sea creatures include starfish, dinosaurs, sharks, squid, many common and exotic fish, and large sea mammals
- Bonus island land lobby with climbing and level selection lobby


ZOSU Studios LLC