Deep Space Salvage Crew VR (PC)

A first-person procedural VR roguelike shooter set in deep space.

Find old wrecks adrift in space, board them and fight your way to the bridge to claim the salvage rights.

Beware the Raiders - renegade AI, which have built themselves bodies from salvaged parts of the wrecks.

This is a combat-focused roguelike based around exploring derelict spaceships, while collecting salvage and loot to enable you to travel further and discover more weapons and equipment. Featuring highly detailed firearms with a lot of customisation.

Main features:

Highly detailed firearm simulation
Extensive gun customisation
Large variety of procedurally-generated space-ships
Explosives, grenades and various mines
Options for stealth, or combat focus


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Kitten Fortress


Kitten Fortress



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Julio 8, 2022

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