Duel Jousting VR (PC)

Duel Jousting VR - Fast paced Dragon Jousting in multiple maps and game modes.


Full action combat on the back of a dragon

7 weapons to choose from in the shop (Default Lance, Super Lance, Golden Lance, Magic Wand, Dual Wield, Bow and Arrow, Shield, Dragons Breath)

A Great shop with 22+ items to purchase and help your journey

Battle from the volcanic lands map, to the Jungle, to the Arena!

The "Arena Mode" allows the player total freedom of the dragon jouster as you fight waves of enemies

Change your dragons skin, hand skin, and armor in the customizer

Play multiple minigames that require you to stand or sit depending on the minigame

Enjoy a number of powerups that drop from the sky to help you in battle, also unlock more in the shop


Acción indie


ShadowInk Designs



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Mayo 16, 2022

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