Futuclass (Quest) (APP LAB)

Learn Chemistry through gamified experiences in Virtual Reality! Hold molecules in your hand in Reaction Balancing, shoot particles in Atom Structure, escape the room in Oxygen and experiment your way through Hydrogen VR lessons. Co-created with educational experts, the learning value of each VR lesson has been scientifically proven with real students in classroom and at home.

Each VR lesson comes with a lesson plan, downloadable at futuclass.com, including a link to an online quiz to test your knowledge before and after playing the VR lesson. Subscription also grants access to Teacher Portal, which contains invaluable resources for teaching in VR and soon will allow teachers to run classes with simultaneously connected headsets.

NOTE: Free version contains 1 demo (more coming soon). To purchase subscription to access all content, please contact info@futuclass.com


Futuclass OU


Futuclass OU