Bombyx (PC)

Enjoy an audiovisual sandbox shmup experience like no other! Control a powerful Gunship orbiting around your Gravatar character, with flapping type flight mechanics and 360 shooting. Or try ZeroG mode, with full 6DOF and motion controller support!

Get OP with the virtual AI Gunship in Zero-G mode! Play as Orbal in Gravatar mode! Now with targeting cursors, improved graphics, more performance, and better compatibility! Featuring a colorful Gravatar map and Zero-G Cauldron zone, pumpkin grenade, retro ghosts, space worms, UFOs and robots!

Sandbox shmup zones! Grab a banana to turn on gravity in Monkey Mode! Now with a pair of Diffluent Jets in Zero-G mode.

Featuring character and concept art from Katsumi Yokota (Rez, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Sonic Adventure), Mike DuBois (Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident), and many other talented artists. Full sountrack from professional musicians across the globe!

Colorful, abstract graphics with fractal textures and procedural geometry in EVERY frame! A gratuitous use of particles systems combined with a liberal application of color cycling and hue shifting contribute to the distinctive signature look of BOMBYX.







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