Grapple Tournament (Quest) (APP LAB)

Grapple. Shoot. Score. Master the vertical combat.

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Grapple Tournament is an arcade shooter built from the ground up for virtual reality. You can enjoy complete 3D movement freedom by running, double jumping, wall jumping, climbing and using your grappling hook in an alluring stylized world.

Fight with more than 12 multifunctional weapons. Plasma pistols, revolvers, energy rifles, shotguns and rocket launchers await your command. Use them in one hand, two handed (with secondary fire) or dual wield for increased damage. What is your tactic? Mobility or firepower?

If all else fails you always have your energy blade and bow on your side.

Play multiplayer matches solo or with your friends. Party up and fight in various game modes on maps that were created with verticality in mind. Against players or bots.

To complete the experience prepare for a practice range, drone challenges, customizations and more.


Tomorrow Games


Tomorrow Games



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Grapple Tournament (PC)