Bystander VR (PC)

Bystander VR immerses you in the inner world of a patient with childhood PTSD and depersonalization disorder. The surrealistic city scene created based on the 3d scans of Hong Kong's landscapes render the audience a sense of being detached from the real world and their physical being. The rapid shift of visual aesthetics and spaces provides audiences with an in-depth understanding of the psychological shift of PTSD patients after encountering the intrusive memories. The use of VR spatial montage allows audiences to subjectively experience the protagonist's emotional state when being attacked by unpleasant memories. The audience could form their own interpretation of the narrative by combining the elicited emotions with the shattered memories.

Directed and Produced by Liu Chang
Cast: Zheng dong chen/Mei mengyang/Ding mengxue/Csasewfaracharlotte/Zhou mo /Yi hao /Chen yuheng
Supported by : City University of Hong Kong and Architectural Association School of Architecture


Liu Chang Media art Studio



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Diciembre 10, 2021

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