Bowslinger (PC)

Disclaimer: this game requires an HTC Vive to play

Bowslinger is a virtual reality archery game that puts a bow and arrow in your hands and challenges your abilities in a variety of single-player game modes. Practice and hone your skills until you can get top scores, or take to the playground and channel your inner William Tell with some good ol’ fashioned apple shooting. Just try not to shoot too low...

Motion-tracked archery action: Draw arrows from a quiver on your back, nock it on your bow, aim, and fire
Multiple game modes: Test your skills in the target challenge, perfect your aim at the archery range, see how far you can get in endless mode, or juggle some apples. Or relax a bit and pop into the playground area for some low pressure fun
Global leaderboards: Compete with players aroud to world to set the highest scores
Scaling difficulty: Easy to pick up, hard to master - just like real archery
Spectator friendly: Use the in-game camcorder to engage your friends and family or online audience. Don’t forget to try sticking the camera on an arrow!
Immersive room-scale: Enjoy the vivid medieval ruins in 360-degree VR
Tasty apples!

"It's archery! Feels like archery." - Giant Bomb