Komodo: A Paradise Under Pressure (PC)

Komodo: A Paradise Under Pressure' is a 20-minute VR Nature documentary which takes you on an incredible journey through the waters and islands of Komodo National Park; a unique ecosystem situated in the Indonesian archipelago.

World record freediver and Ocean Explorer William Winram, together with his protégé marine biologist Lukas Müller, go to extreme lengths to show you the beauty of the Park and some of its iconic inhabitants, including the deadly Komodo Dragon and the giant Reef Manta Ray. You will swim face to face with the Komodo Dragon and dive surrounded by the manta mating dance as 15 manta rays encircle you during one of the many dives within this epic film.

During their dives they assist Nat Geo’s “Queen of Mantas” Andrea Marshall who is researching the manta ray population in the Park. Together, the three of them have some amazing encounters with the wildlife they are fighting to protect. Sadly, it is not all beauty and wonder; the team is confronted with serious plastic pollution which is putting a growing strain on this magical place.

VR Gorilla, Watermen Project and Blend Media have partnered to produce this long-form VR documentary. Their mission is to address the plastic pollution problem through the empathetic power of VR, hoping to help change our collective addiction to single-use plastics.


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Noviembre 22, 2021

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