Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures (PC)

A deadly alien race is in hot pursuit after you have stolen their adorable alien research subject, known as Ziggy.

Combining resource management, hectic arcade combat, and a fully interactive cockpit, it is a race against the clock to escape the solar system. Manage all of your ship's internal systems carefully as you navigate the dangers of space in fully immersive VR.

Engage in exciting VR space combat. Dodge asteroids and space debris as you navigate the solar system. Destroy enemies with your ship's weapons, manage your shields to reflect their blasts, and survive! You can also do barrel rolls!

In your room-scale cockpit, all of the ship's systems are at an arms reach and fully interactive. Switch on your lights, power your shields, balance your temperature and pressure, fix hull breaches, fuel your life module, and stabilise the ship.

Each playthrough of the game will take you through a unique path in the solar system, with a unique story for each path you take.

Layered Complexity: Every level has a different set of challenges that you must overcome and will require you to utilise the systems in your ship differently.
Galactic Leaderboards: Challenge your friends and the world stage at large in time trials and high scores.
Completionist Rewards: Earn trophies that you can proudly display inside of your ship and use them to change cosmetics around you, including cosmetics for Ziggy.


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