Clay Hunt VR (Quest) (APP LAB)

#1 shotgun shooting simulator from mobile is now available in amazing Oculus Quest experience! Bust clay pigeons in skeet, trap, double trap and sporting clays. Go hunting pigeons with your trusty pump action shotgun.

-Shot string physics are accurately simulated so that you can practice your leads and target acquisition with this game.
-SKEET: shoot single targets rounds, international skeet with double targets, practice a specific station and all new infinite skeet mode with leaderboards!
-TRAP: Olympic trap and Double Trap are supported along with infinite game mode.
-SPORTING CLAYS: 20 quick challenges to beat and a full course with 60 targets.
-PIGEON HUNT: Super popular pigeon hunt from Clay Hunt PRO is now in VR!
-GUN RANGE: Practise shotgun handling with stationary targets in this tutorial mode.

Stay tuned for more game modes added soon!


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