Space Bit Attack (PC)

The galaxy needs you! Transport yourself into a retro-inspired, VR space-fight adventure! Space Bit Attack lets you be the hero as a gunner pilot saving the galaxy from an evil alien invasion. Duck, dive, and dodge your way through level after level, blasting holes in the enemy defenses as you go.

Space Bit Attack is an entirely new and captivating take on a retro arcade classic that gives you the space pilot experience you’ve always wanted from the cabinet games of yesteryear. Each level of this virtual world features a swarm of aliens poised to attack. Navigate through the galaxy in a fighter ship fully equipped with the best laser guns available and destroy their forces one enemy at a time. As you progress, you’ll unlock features and abilities that give you the power to battle more challenging opponents. Those aliens won’t know what hit them!

Endless survival gameplay with infinite waves of enemies to destroy
A challenging VR space battle, viewed from a unique perspective
Unlockable abilities and features that help you boldly forge ahead
An amazing battle atmosphere, complete with epic sound effects
Easy to learn and a blast to play


Acción indie


Lucid Sight, Inc.


Oculus Steam