Project : SKYSCAPE (PC)

'Project : Skyscape' offers a unique fighter jet flight experience, with VR and non-VR gameplay maintaining parity, players should be able to combine friends from both platforms into their multiplayer group.
In the world of Skyscape, autonomous drone jets have turned on the very people who deployed them, now the survivors must take to the sky in the old manually piloted fleet in an attempt to take on the overwhelming tide of the A.I
Unlike most flight experiences, in Skyscape you are free to exit the cockpit and run free. On foot you can adjust your jet's mounted gear or reload your weapons etc.
Successfully reaching and landing at outpost airfields can enable players to collect upgrades onto their fighter.

The jet cockpit features fairly in-depth systems to learn, lots of buttons and switches to interact with using unique physicalized VR interaction

The game world of Project:Skyscape is a spherical planet, meaning that it's possible to fly along the surface for as long as you care! The world is all 'in scale', meaning that it's possible to walk on the very same terrain you fly over.

Royalty Free music in trailer:
Ghostrifter Official - Resurgence,
Anders (Soundcloud),


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