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MYRIAD. Where we connect. VR Experience is a poetic journey and artistic experience along the global paths of migrating animals. These stunning creatures migrate along wind and ocean currents, across continents and through soaring mountain ranges as they make their way around the globe. The audience can follow the fascinating stories of different protagonists, the Bald Ibis, the Green Sea Turtle and the Artic Fox through different environments: the Syrian Desert, the harsh Arctic and the deep sea of the Atlantic containing the elements of air, land and water.
During these linear stories, the audience can orbit around the animal while facing the challenges of constant pressure, determination and the amazing abilities of these three species while migrating thousands of kilometers. All stories are based on verified scientific data due to a close cooperation with the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and international scientists.
From global to elemental, Myriad includes the science of interconnectedness into an outstanding artistic concept by creating a world out of carbon. Flexible and abundant, carbon is an element that forms the basis of all life on earth. MYRIAD’s visual concept makes use of this building block as a narrative and aesthetic link between individual elements and global networks to show how all life on earth is part of an endlessly connected cycle.
Analog charcoal drawings, produced in the studio, are integrated in the digital VR environment and combined with carbon particle systems to form the world of MYRIAD. As they disintegrate and reassemble, they convey a feeling of organic vitality and a unified understanding of a world that is in constant change and in which everything is interconnected.
Experiencing natural cycles from an entirely new perspective catalyzes an intuitive, rich understanding of the natural world, while generating a newly responsible attitude towards the impact of human behavior on an individual and global scale. One journey at a time, MYRIAD’s immersive, unique experiences activate individuals’ connection to the world we share and the marvelous beings we share it with.



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