Minigame Party VR (PC)

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Abril 5, 2016

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What is Minigame Party VR?
Minigame Party VR is a combination of 4 hilarious and entertaining minigames. Throw basketballs, shoot with laser guns, and slash through targets in order to gain a higher score against your friends and family!

What sort of minigames are there?
Target Practice
Use your laser guns to blast flying targets out of the sky! The smaller the target, the more difficult it is to shoot and the more points you get!
Gather your basketball shooting skills in order to score the most points!
Sword Swinger
Reach for your inner ninja and slash the designated targets to bits!
Flying Rings
Throw projectiles through flying rings in order to score more and more points!

Key Features
  • HTC Vive Support (Tracked motion controls and room-scale VR)
  • Locally stored highscores to keep track of who's on top
  • Intuitive controls and simple instructions in order to get anyone easily started
  • Lots of fun and entertainment to be had!


Acción Casual indie








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