Line Simulator (PC)

Line Simulator
is a quirky virtual reality game where you can create bizarre ways to get yourself to the front of the line in five foolery-filled levels! Meet zany characters, complete mini-quests, and discover the secrets of the duck while fulfilling your line-jumping fantasies.

Throw objects, pour drinks, or even steal from your fellow queuers to jump to the front of the line. As DuckWoman once said, “True heroes never wait in line!

Relax from a long day by discovering nutty characters and completing mini-quests. Designed with an easy-to-navigate interface for no-stress, casual gaming experience!
Explore 5 environments with over hundreds of interactable objects per level! There may even be hidden content to unlock if you’re able to find the key ????




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Wrong Reality Studio



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Octubre 28, 2021

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