Belongings (PC)

Every day, across the world, survivors are left with the possessions of a loved one who has passed away, a lifetime of objects holding their secrets. What if sorting through those objects revealed a person different from the one you knew? You can never ask them why. Never know the truth.
After my mother’s death, among her things, I found photographs and documents that revealed a past she had kept secret my whole life. No one will ever be closer to me than she was. I thought I knew her. The more information I found, the more the mystery deepened. Learning a few facts left only questions that could never be answered.
In “Belongings,” the things she left me step forward to tell her story. A whole person is discovered from bits and pieces, little details, out of order. It is as true a history as anyone will ever know.
Walking is the recommended mode of locomotion within the world of "Belongings," however should players' available space not permit it, teleporting is available.


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