Aspiring to create a unique yet simple concept in VR, Utopia Immersive designed boat locomotion with an emphasis on leisure and environment immersion.

SHIPS(as of September 2021) features 7 ships, 2 docks(maps), 21 customizable ship colorways, 3 hours of varied music genres, and sitting or standing preferences. To prevent discomfort or confusion regularly attributed to Virtual Reality, the design of ships accomplished only using two buttons on each controller(grab and trigger). This design guarantees that the boat movement is successful in preventing unwanted motion sickness and excessive control related confusion.

The potential of SHIPS is far beyond what is shown in this build. With time, honest reviews, and increased exposure, SHIPS will look to include more ships, larger/more docks, multiplayer modes, racing, and so much more.


Utopia Immersive


Utopia Immersive