Hockey Bockey (Quest) (APP LAB)

Hockey Bockey is a fluid and fun VR Sport played on a seamless rink with curved boards. Every aspect of the arena is designed to keep the play moving and to allow the players to make spectacular moves and plays with their friends. AI bots are there to insure you never have an empty game, even when you are playing alone!

- Features 3v3, 2v2, and 1v1 full multiplayer game modes
- Dynamic AI Bots that can pass, shoot and check will make sure you always have a full game
- AI goalies that keep the ball moving and out of your net
- Curved arena walls allow for astounding trick passes and moves
- Matches are easy to start and join
- Practice your moves on a goalie in your private practice rink
- Customize your player, helmet, pads and stick


Jason Rosenstock


Jason Rosenstock