I Fetch Rocks (PC)

The year is 2150. You’ve successfully landed a job working for one of the many mining facilities stationed in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Using a company issued Asteroid Hauler, your job is to search for mineral rich asteroids and tow them back to the primary mining facility for further processing.

Be warned, this trivial sounding job will push you to your creative engineering limits. The asteroid belt is extremely dangerous, radiation and cosmic rays will continuously degrade the components of your ship. Over the course of your employment you will need to become intimately familiar with how all ship systems operate and fit together so that you can rearrange, rewire and reprogram them as they fail around you. You’ll need to get creative to survive and get your payload back to the primary mining facility.

All ship controls and behaviors are assembled using a fully player modifiable node based system of simple single function components. All components can be connected using red cables which simulate power distribution and green cables which simulate data flow from user input and various sensors. (Colour blind options available)









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