Lino Strangis REFORMED A.I. VR (PC)

In this 3D virtual reality you are literally immersed in a dark environment that is lighting up and discovering the shape of its space as two modified robot drones pass (a ground drone and an air drone) to which special effects have been added. luminous particles, which linked to their movements draw colorful and lightning-fast evolutions that continually paint and re-paint the environment. The latter can participate in the phenomenon taking place by generating beams of bright and colored points in the movement of his hands, with which he can also participate in the sound by touching an object specially placed at the center of the architecture. An ecosystem of colors and sounds generated autonomously by the reformed artificial intelligences with which to physically interact, generating in turn other colors and sounds. The continuous appearing and disappearing of graphic evolutions is inspired by the paintings on the sand (which also inspired Pollock) destined to disappear in a short time, but here to be painted are all the dimensions of the space (and not just two) and also the process of appearance and disappearance is enormously speeded up and regenerated indefinitely. In this work, which is a living and infinitely regenerating place-phenomenon, there are no particular indications or actions to be performed. Here you are free to live and relate to the environment in which you are, so there are no instructions or even menus or other additional levels that can interfere between the user and the place in question. In fact, there is only the possibility to stay inside or to hit the esc key from the keyboard and exit.
An immersive and real-time action painting of lights and sounds performed by (reformed) artificial intelligences in concert with the user: with this work I tried to change the effects and therefore also the sense of certain behaviors of artificial intelligences and of the relationships that human intelligences can entertain with them.
It also highlights a precise choice of the artist towards the way of using virtual reality technologies that intends to build unique and unrepeatable experiences in the so-called real world instead of trying to imitate it, having an "additive" relationship with it instead of " subtractive ".

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