Sharknado VR (Arcade Edition) (PC)

Sharknado VR (Arcade Version) puts you in the middle of the action - use a variety of weapons to battle the terrifying Sharknado. Maim, shoot and explode your way through hordes of hungry flying sharks and other airborne sea creatures in Sharknado VR!

This is the Arcade version of Sharknado VR: Eye of the Storm. It offers a shorter experience of the game, with more arcade elements included to maximize the player experience over a short time, like access to all weapons unlocked at the start of the game and receiving more ammo for the duration of the game as well.

- Use several different weapons to reek havoc and defend yourself from high velocity sharks!
- Slow time to make skillful shots and dodge dangerous objects!
- Save the unsuspecting civilians from certain death and get extra rewards!
- Procedural enemy spawns ensures a different experience every time!


Autumn VR


Autumn VR Melcher Studios



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Diciembre 15, 2021

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