The Visitor (PC)

The Visitor is a VR ONLY horror experience about an unexpected visitor calling to your door in the middle of the night. The game relies heavily on atmosphere, utilizing a dark environment to make the player both as nervous and uncomfortable as possible. The Visitor does not require any controls. Visual cues such as flickering lights inform the player of where to direct their gaze, so simply put on your VR headset and enjoy.What does The Visitor run on?HTC Vive
Rift CV1 (Please read the discussion titled "Running on CV1" if you are using the CV1)
Oculus Rift 1.3.0 or aboveWhy The Visitor?Ideal VR experience for scaring friends and family.
It is a great introduction to VR
Only takes 10-12 minutes to complete, so scaring a friends is quick and easy
No controls required (just a headset), so don't worry about not being familiar with game controlsGameplay MechanicsThe Visitor was made with the intention of being as accessible as possible, so because of that, absolutely no controls are required. You just need to put on the headset, look around, and enjoy :)


Casual indie


Stephen Long


Stephen Long



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Marzo 30, 2016

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