Fractured Atmosphere (PC)

In Fractured Atmosphere you take control of a salvage team looking to pick any scraps you can find in a cold desolate universe. Traverse zero gravity environments and sift through wreckages to find valuables while avoiding environmental hazards and ever pursuing drones. With a strong focus on immersive environments Fractured Atmosphere aims to deliver a VR experience like no other.Environmental StorytellingNavigate wreckages in zero gravity, with VR allowing you to be fully immersed in this eerie environment. Scour abandoned computer systems for information and learn about the people that once flew these now decrepit spaceships. Each ship you explore will help to paint a picture of this universe and the struggles involved for the people who live here.HazardsEnvironmental hazards make traversal a constant challenge that require puzzle solving and situational awareness. Time is of the essence as automated drones will seek you out and try to put an end to your illegal salvage missions. Manage oxygen levels and get back to your shuttle in time to make your escape, because death for your scavengers is permanent. Don’t worry though, there will always be another grunt ready to test their ability.ProgressionWhile back at your spaceship you’ll manage your crew and augment them with perks and gear. Daily challenges encourage you to keep taking risks, pushing you to level up your crew and grow stronger. Over time you’ll acquire a large arsenal of weapons and perks suited to your playstyle.


Daniel Jones


Daniel Jones



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