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Hi everybody,
We are the development team of 《Lost in Abyss》. First of all, thank you very much for your attention and love of our games. Since the demo went online, 《Lost in Abyss》 has been encouraged and supported by the majority of players and industry insiders, and provided us with many valuable opinions and suggestions. We promise that we'll do better in the future.
The official version of 《Lost in Abyss》is finally going to meet all steam players!! Since the project was established in September last year, our game has gone through nearly a year. In the whole production process, due to the continuous emergence of new inspiration, it has undergone revision and iteration from version to version, making the game fuller and more playable in the design of plot and playing method.We hope you'll enjoy our game and keep your attention on it, please. Thanks a lots!!

P.S. Gaming Device Support: HTC VIVE;Oculus Quest; Valve Index

Please contact us if you have any question or suggestion, thanks a lot!
Email address: lostinabyss@ugmax.cn
The official website: ugmax.com.cn

Story Outline:
Langdon, the protagonist, is stuck in his twisted dream in a horrific ancient house. Cozy memories interweave with terrible reality. Tragedies unfold with your exploration. You would need to solve multiple puzzles and explore your inner world. You would face the terrible truth behind the tragic death of Lilith's family. Your goal would be exposing the crime and violence hidden under the sacred appearance of the ancient Saint. Cohen and conspiracy behind it.
The cruel sacrifice plays the prelude to the end. The evil upon you indicates your destiny.
What would your choice be?
Accept your terrible fate... Or resist it. Either way, there is nowhere to escape!

About Story:

The plot of 《Lost in Abyss》 unfolds one by one with the main line of the story. After the changes of the times, it runs through the grievances and entanglements of several generations. The plot is progressive and linked.You will be in a dream like environment, pieced together fragments in your memory, face the cruelty of human nature, expose the conspiracy behind the event and find the truth.

About Frame:
《Lost in Abyss》 is based on the realistic and realistic style of the next generation, and presents the staggered plot of double time and space through dynamic combination lens; From lighting, animation, modeling, rendering and so on.
Dark and depressing scene design with creepy sound effects brings the most exciting sensory experience to players. A large number of clues that can be collected and various brain burning puzzle solving mechanisms in the scene make it difficult for players to distinguish the boundary between virtual and reality.

About Function:

The game scene is full of all kinds of interactive items, or pick up, discard, knock, destroy, etc. with realistic audio-visual effects, players can get an immersive and real experience.With the 6-DOF operation mode of VR device, players can reach out to pick up the clues and props in front of them without obstacles and complete the interaction to promote the level plot.

A large number of hidden interactive mechanisms and clue props are waiting for you to explore......







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