Stageverse (Quest) (APP LAB)

Catch regular unmissable events
Dive into a concert, explore interactive art exhibits, stumble upon a secret speakeasy pop-up, or kick it with friends in a listening room. Discover regular new events from pioneering creators at the apex of culture.

Explore Social Spaces
Meet by the bar, chill together in an exhibition space, or find a secret spot to convene. Wherever you go you can be together, in superreal spaces designed to delight and elevate your vibe.

Collect Virtual Goods
Play, create and express yourself with interactive toys, ownable outfits and collectible items.

Flex Your Style
Be who you wanna be with new avatar outfits dropped weekly.

Party Up & Party Hop
Party up with friends and explore a new world, together. Party hop to switch it up and meet the rest of the community!

Talk Naturally
Do more than just share words on a screen - communicate like you do in real life with spatial voice chat for an all-natural flow.


Stage, Inc


Stage, Inc.