Gary The Gull (PC)

Gary the Gull is an VR Interactive Animated Short Film where you are part of the story!

You're about to enjoy a tasty lunch on a beach when a seagull shows up and starts talking to you. And you can talk back! Answer Gary's questions by nodding or shaking your head, talking (using voice recognition), or by doing nothing at all. Your decisions affect how the story plays out, giving you different experiences of the same narrative when you try it again. Interact with the environment by using motion controllers to draw in the sand, pick up your drink, or toss your flip-flops around on the beach.

Gary the Gull is directed by Mark Walsh of Motional, an 18-year Pixar writer-director and animation supervisor, including the director of the Pixar short film Partysaurus Rex. It was built in partnership with the ex-Pixar ex-Bungie team at Limitless.




Limitless Ltd