Starfighter Arduxim Multiplayer (Quest) (APP LAB)

Strap into the cockpit of your starfighter and take on enemy starships in this first-person tactical space shooter. Fight as part of a team alongside your friends or in free for all battle. Features multiple game modes, ships and weapon load-outs.

Control your ship using Touch controllers, a gamepad, or hand tracking. Players can use the thumb sticks on a physical controller, or for a more immersive experience grab virtual cockpit controls using the Touch controllers or your bare hands.

The multiplayer of Starfighter Arduxim is free to play and has no micro-transactions or ads.

The full version available separately includes:
* A fourteen mission story based campaign covering your first tour of duty on the front lines
* Practice mode
* Survival/horde challenge mode with online leader board


Fulby Technologies