Beach Ball Valley (PC)

Have you ever had enough beach balls?
Can you have enough beach balls?

Beach Ball Valley is a timeless, hand crafted, free range, beach ball preserve.
You and your giant pizza peel* hands are invited to spend some time in the sun, batting beach balls, pilling 'em up, and just watching them roam around the countryside.

*(that's what a pizza paddle is officially called I guess)

As an added bonus, there's a way you can gain telekinetic power over beach balls, and use whatever ball you posses to herd the rest of them around the valley. I'm not going to tell you how to do that. Good luck.

Also, there's apparently a game mode where you've got one minute to hit them through hoops for points and stuff. That's included in case people don't understand how fun just hitting beach balls around it. It keeps score for about 100 or 200 of your rounds (but doesn't save it!) in case you want to run it at a party and track high scores. Oh, did I mention that if you can use telekinetic powers in it, you can wow your friends?

There is also a host of buttons active on your keyboard for messing with whoever is in VR. Send the beach balls on the attack! Toggle gravity. Make 'em a giant! Pop all their beach balls! (No! Don't be a picklepuss!) Drop huge beach balls on their heads!

FAQ:Why pizza peels?I like pizza. Also, they're great for reach out really far and hitting things. They also hit stuff really hard!Is there a Beach?There is not a beach. These are inland meadow beach balls.Do the beach balls mind being hit?Every beach ball dreams of flight, and their thick rubbery carapaces are suited for rapid acceleration.How many beach balls can I have?Once there are 500 beach balls, scientists believe they could develop a sentient network as well as flight capabilities. They'll head off planet in search of dull worlds in need of fun. The static electricity given off by beach balls may cause a spike in microburst storm systems. Sadly, 1% of beach balls are anti-social, and often leave. It's pretty hard to have more than 100 beach balls. We're working on bringing out the best in every beach ball, and some day, hope to have tons of 'em!Why are the clouds eating my beach balls?Fredricko the Cloud believes that due to the non-biodegradable nature of beach balls, it's his duty to clean up after anyone who's made too many beach balls. He's also hungry. He's the one by the small hill, not to be confused with Gerando or Luis.What's the Difference between seated / standing / roomscale?Beach balls come to you. Standing / Room Scale affords a little more space.How do I get more Beach Balls?Look at the paddles! They've got buttons everywhere! Push the buttons! Push all the buttons!Controls:Hit Beach Balls!
Look at your hands for tooltips.

Trackpads = Spawn more balls. Little tiny arrows show where they'll come from.

Menu Button = Play a game!

Other Menu Button = Teleport to a new place!

Grips = Use your head. You'll figure it out.

Triggers = Show / Hide Menus!Secret Elite Early Access Testing Commands: (Use 'em to amaze your friends!)

B – Spawn a huge beach ball
(Same on a controller, but useful for droppin' on friends)

G – Toggle Giant Mode
(try eating beach balls!)

C - Add an edible coin!

Z – Toggle Zero Gravity
(only applies to currently active beach balls)

I – Beach Ball Attack
(hit it repeatedly to swarm your friends)

P – pop all the balls
(but why?!)

A – Happy Beach Ball
(one beach ball jumps up and at the player)

Beach Ball Valley uses the Unreal® Engine. Unreal® is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere.
Unreal® Engine, Copyright 1998 – 2016, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.


Paul Eckhardt