HeadCount (PC)

HeadCount is an action-packed arcade style bullet-hell VR shooter. Bringing the perfect combination of old-school arcade shooter action and approachable gameplay, anyone can jump in and hit the gun-fu groove. With a wide (and growing!) arsenal of weapons, over-the-top abilities and powerups, you will overcome overwhelming odds to save the day in a number of vibrant, stylized battlefields. Chain combos together to power up special moves, earn money by completing levels, and buy new and cooler weapons.

In early access, the game is in a highly playable state and is under constant development, receiving updates at a lightning pace. We are continually revising and rebalancing the gameplay, adding and changing features and weapons, as well as many new levels into the game. We welcome players to join us on our Discord as this time round our community is playing a much larger role in the direction HeadCount will take through its development cycle. Tell us what you want to see, because we’re listening and we want to make this as much your game as it is ours.


Monochrome, Inc


Monochrome, Inc



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Agosto 24, 2021

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