Face Your Ears (Quest) (APP LAB)

Face your Ears is a set of experiences that will tickle your sense of hearing! It's also a fun App to share with family and friends who are new to VR.

Get chased by Bees! And just miss being hit by a Speeding Train!

Headphones recommend for total immersion.

We created several scenes that include 3D audio, environmental effects, and the Doppler effect. All the experiences support 6DoF, so feel free to move around, turn in different directions, and even close your eyes to see if you can guess exactly where a sound is coming from. You can also turn immersive sound off to hear the difference.

Go from a soothing piano experience to a dark and stormy night with flashes of lightning and roaring thunder. Step into a subway station with the echo of announcements and the sound of trains as they come and go. Even experience the surprising realism of bees buzzing all around you on a moonlit night.