HamsterVeRse (PC)

HamsterVeRse is here!

In this unique and exciting virtual reality game, take control of a ragtag group of hamsters as you lead them on a life-or-death adventure across both time and space!Puzzle Platforming Action
Navigate through obstacles that will challenge both your mind and your reflexes! Coordinate between your hamsters to reach places that would be otherwise unattainable!Assembly Mode
Assemble your way to victory by using the powerful 'assembly mode'. Construct anything from simple platforms to cross a gap, to a complex fan-powered tube network that can launch your hamsters hundreds of feet! Save your designs by using the prefab system and quickly recreate your favorite solutions to the most precarious situations on the fly!The Right Tool For The Job
Utilize a variety of tools and experiment with their uses to discover new ways to complete your mission!Radical Customization
Whether it's tattoos or lipstick, space helmets or pandafication injections, you'll find whatever you need to define your hamsters' identity!


Morning Son Software



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Agosto 13, 2021

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