Fundamental Force (Quest) (APP LAB)

Fundamental Force is a game that challenges your spatial thinking over 21 mind-blowing celestial levels. Fight against mysterious creatures in Escher-style environments and deny laws of physics!

Forget what "up" and "down" means, you can change the direction of gravity at any time. Ever wanted to walk on walls or to stroll along the ceiling? We’ve got a solution! Feel the true freedom of movement by picking one of the two gravity changing devices.

TACHYON allows you to teleport onto any flat surface and make it your new floor. Appear out of nowhere to catch the enemy off guard, then disappear in an instant!

With GRAVITON, you can change gravity in place, meaning that you will start falling towards your new "floor". Keep switching the gravity while you are falling, and now you can fly!

Use the gravity, find your way, dodge and pick the right moments to shoot and you will win!


The Ring Robotics