Sword's Soul Duel (PC)

Sword Soul Duel is a strategic VR game of two-player intelligence duel. Every match is a confrontation of intelligence. Control the chess pieces in the game, the goal is to guard a piece of pure land in the desert, predict the opponent's thoughts, and issue restrained orders through the command array in the hand. The chess pieces plan unpredictable attacks and energy according to the instructions, and compete in a special arena. Invincible in the glory of the world.
Duel,come on ! Use the nominal of sword's soul , be vyinig for the peakedness of sky ladder ,
suppressing and guarding the last peach place of desert , achieving the god glory under the whole world for yourself.
you or me ,come from everywhere all around the whold world .
you and me ,maybe more then million meters apart for each other.
we will meet here follow the predestined relationship , go with the arrangement of destiny ,under the witness to the Moon and stars , use my sword's soul , spirit dominate the body of sword slave ,duel with each other in front of judging stone-sword , only if the glint and flash of sword shadow ,to be able prove my strongest sword' soul , at this time , on the arena , who can win me ? no one .
my sword's soul , be doomed to loneliness on this supreme sky ladder.
(Tip: Part of the gameplay features of this game are under development)




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Julio 31, 2021

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