Brickbuilder VR (PC)

Brickbuilder VR is a high-fidelity VR model building simulator. With both decorative blocks and mechanical components such as axels, gears and motors, the game enables you to build a wide variety of interesting creations that move and interact with each other in the virtual world.

Brickbuilder VR features 2 primary modes of play: "blueprints", which lets you re-create structures that we have designed, and "freeform", which is building from a blank slate. At launch, Brickbuilder VR includes 10 blueprints. More will be added as we add more features and content to the game.

The game is also designed with extensions in mind: it will be possible to create a blueprint from an existing build directly from within the game. We will also release an official SDK, which will provide the functionality to create custom pieces, 3D models, and textures.

Brickbuilder VR is at an early stage of its development. In addition to performance improvements, UI-overhauls, and bug fixes, we plan to add the following features to the game in the future: pistons / linear actuators; lights; sensors and graph programmability; script programmability; propellers / flying interactions; magnetic joints; and many more. Your support will help us make these a reality.







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Julio 1, 2021

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